Trends in Forensic Science

 Minutes of the meeting (30.8.2021)

A One-day international webinar was organized on 30th of July 2021 at 5 PM by Ryan Publishers on the topic,” Trends in Forensic Science” presented by the resource person, Mr. Pichoti Mose Jeremiah.

  Mr. Pichoti Mose Jeremiah is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Forensic Technology at Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya. He’s a self-motivated, industrious, hardworking and dedicated towards achieving his goals and a team player who can take up challenges and work out solutions with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. He has various skills added to his credit.

  The session started with the resource person giving a brief introduction to forensic science and also explaining the importance of forensic science nowadays. He went on to emphasize forensic chemistry such as toxicology and the significance of documentation of data available at a crime scene, such as foot prints, DNA, blood, hair, and other materials. Mr. Pichoti Mose Jeremiah also pinpointed the important components used in forensic science. Finally, the session came to a close with the resource person explaining the questions of the participants…

The session ended with the participants clarifying their queries and the recording of the meeting was posted own the YouTube channel under the link:

Comments from participants :

  • It was very informative session and with came know about many techniques and technology in forensic science – Ms Lakshmipriya.B
  • Very informative session…. resource person elaborated the topic very well.. thank you.. – Mr.R.Vivek
  • Very nice…. I am glad to attend this…I learn lot of things about this .. – Namyukdha.R
  • It was a nice session. As a forensic student I am very satisfied with this.. Thank you to Ryan publishers – Ms. Devika. G
  • The organized webinar was very informative and useful..Thank you for the opportunity to attend this wonderful webinar – Ms.Harini P