Some common disorders seen in children

Minutes of the meeting (23.6.2021)

A One-day international webinar was organized on 23of June 2021 at 5 PM by Ryan Publishers on the topic,“Some common disorders seen in children” presented by the resource person, Dr. Benu Prasad.

The resource person, a highly qualified academician had obtained his PhD from SVN university, Madhya Pradesh. He had conducted various training and workshops and has also presented various international papers. His latest paper was on the topic, Eastern Culture and Education. The resource person exhibits keen levels of interest in volunteering for social and humanitarian work. Dr. Benu Prasad has been honoured with various awards and recently he has been awarded with the “Global Teacher of the Year – 2020” from Eudoxia Gohat, Assam, India. His involvement and experience evolve across hierarchies and he’s also the principal of Nepal Dayanandha Vedic Mission Global Academy.

The resource person began the discussion by outlining the anxiety disorder signs and symptoms. He also highlighted the variety of issues and disorders present in children, such as eating, learning, behaviour, etc. The symptoms of each illness were detailed by Dr. Benu Prasad. The resource person also indicated the forms of phobia that a person can see. The session concluded with the resource person who summed up children’s disorders.

The session ended with the participants clarifying their queries and the recording of the meeting was posted own the YouTube channel under the link:

Comments from Participants :

  • Best platform for knowledge – Mr Hitesh Kumar Sharma
  • I would like to thank the organizers of this webinar. I expect more such valuable webinars from you. Thank you. – Dr. R. P. Praveen Pole
  • Very useful and informative session – Dr. S. JENNY
  • First of all I will congrats to all the team members who organised this valuable program during this pandemic period. – Dr. Mahfooz Akhtar