Developing Strategic Vision for Career Plan


Career planning is the self-evaluation & planning done by a person to have a strong career path. The career planning process is the continuous reiterative process of understanding oneself, setting career goals, revising skills, and searching for the right career options. As cited by Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn, ‘Career planning is a process of systematically matching career goals and individual capabilities with opportunities for their fulfillment.’


One day National Level Webinar was organized and hosted by Ryan Publishers on the 30th of August, 2020. The topic titled “Developing Strategic Vision for Career Planning” was precisely convened by Mrs. Poonam Singh, Msc., Applied Microbiology MCC, Chennai, Executive program in Sales & Marketing from IIM Kolkata, holding nine years of experience in Healthcare IVD Industry, Currently positioned as Senior Key Account Manager at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics based at Telangana.


Mrs. Poonam Singh opened the webinar highlighting the need for a positive outlook towards life and to always remain focused on our career goals. Next, she walked us through the main agenda that revolves around the topic taken up for discussion. She stressed the importance of individual career planning, self-assessment, detailed research while choosing a career, reverse planning, and natural career strategies. Some trendy career options were a part of her speech. She further conducted a small exercise for the participants to keep them engaged in this discussion. 


  • Career-Definition, career planning, and importance, individual career planning, and opportunities
  • Importance and advantages of Individual career planning, career planning process, and the need for self-assessment.
  • Glimpses of Personality Theory-MBIT(Mayers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Factors underlying the selection of a possibly successful career, the most important being detailed research and seeking help from experienced professionals.
  • Participants were made aware of the need to understand natural thrust/natural inclination and to match their skill set, hobby, and natural thrust to the desired skill set while choosing the most challenging career.
  • Reverse planning- long term goals and the alignment of short term goals with the former.
  • Natural career strategies-review strength, weakness, motivations, and values. Stressing on the importance of networking.
  • Lastly to take action – select the best possible career goal after considering all the underlying criteria.

                     “Life Is Sum Of All Our Choices”- Albert Camus

Some Popular Comments from the Participants:-

  • “Nice and informative Session”– Prof. Dr. A. Thanga Thirupathi
  • “It was a very good session..very informative”– Himabindu A G
  • “It was very well organised”– Varshini B H
  • “Thank you for giving us the excellent presentation mam”– K. K. Pavithra
  • “It was an excellent session conducted, through this I got an idea about career planning . Thank u for conducting such an excellent programme.”– Sandra KB
  • “This seminar really ameliorate my way if thinking and I hope you will conduct more seminar likes this in future”– Deepti Thakur
  • “Excellent and looking forward to have such a useful webinars in future.”– Keerthana.S
  • “It’s very use full to me. Good explanation and thank you so much for this opportunity”– Sowmya E
  • “It Was Very Clear And Easy To Understand. Thank you For Conducting this Webinar”- AKSHAY ANTONY T
  • “Was very helpful loved the way poonam ma’am explained I was not able to move my eyes and ears from screen will love to attend her webinar again”– Choonnu Kumari
  • “Thank you 😊 for giving very useful information for us for our bright future.”– P.Meghna
  • “Tips for leading a better career in life.”- DEEPIKA R E
  • “It was very knowledgeable. Keep going.”– Deeksha K S