Personality & Attitude for Corporate Survival and Success

Minutes of the meeting (9.6.2021)

A One-day international webinar was organized on 9th of June 2021 at 5 PM by Ryan Publishers on the topic,” Personality & Attitude for Corporate Survival and Success” presented by the resource person, Ms. Savita Shastri.

Ms. Savita Shastri is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of MBA at Surana College, Bangalore. Having worked in the Aviation Sector for over a decade, starting from the rank of a Jet Airways Cabin Crew and moving to the administrative level has exposed her to nuances of customer service. She then moved to healthcare sector and worked with Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore as Customer Relations Manager. Being inspired by her mentor Mrs. Sudha Murthy, she served as a Program Officer with an NGO funded by Infosys Foundation for 2 years.  Being passionate towards teaching, she shifted to Academics with an aim of transferring her corporate learning to the gen next. She is a postgraduate in both Commerce and Management, also has a Masters in Tourism Management and has many diploma courses to her credit. She has presented and published many research papers and articles in reputed journals and books. Our resource person has also shown a strong interest in writing poetry and expressing their deepest emotions in the most basic of words.

The session started with the resource person explaining about the nuances of corporate culture. She went on to emphasize the significance of cultivating positive aspects of corporate life, such as the right attitude and personality traits. Ms. Savita Shastri pinpointed the importance of teamwork and of how to develop thinking skills in corporate life. Corporate survival skills were also highlighted to the participants. The resource person also pointed out the stress factors in corporate life. Finally, the session came to a close with the resource person explaining the 4C’S to corporate success.

The session ended with the participants clarifying their queries and the recording of the meeting was posted own the YouTube channel under the link: 

Comments from participants :

  • Excellent Session and we are expecting more sessions from your side – Dr.R.Sangeetha
  • Excellent webinar. The resource person is very knowledgeable, and gave very good answers to all the questions. – Mr V.M. Thakkar
  • We got wonderful information about corporate world it’s too informative session – Prajwal G S
  • It was an excellent webinar. Will love to see such webinar in days to come. Thank You so much. – Mr. Tashi Lungtan Kee
  • Thanks to the Organizers and the Speaker – TAPAS KUMAR KHUNTIA