Getting Published: What you Need to Know

One day International webinar was hosted on the 12th of September, 2020. Our resource person, Mr. Riliwan Ayinde Adisa delivered his valuable speech on the topic, “Getting Published: What you need to know”. Mr. Riliwan is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Accountancy, a research scholar at the Department of Accounting, Lagos State University, Nigeria. He has to his credit a co-authored chapter in “Accounting: A book of readings”, edited by eminent Accounting gurus and professors in Nigeria in the year 2019. Currently, he is posted as the Executive Director of Aderidoh Academy, Shibiri, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.


Publishing a scientific paper involves interaction among authors, editors, reviewers, copy and technical editors, and the publisher to publish the best quality research as timely as possible. The research paper topic should be unique, meaningful, and important for readers. The benefits of publishing a paper are that it improves writing skills, helps in knowledge up-gradation, keeps you updated, and creates a set of knowledge for others. Research experts deem to categorize the procedure of publishing a research paper into three main steps- carrying out research, writing a manuscript, and submission of the manuscript.

The Webinar:-

The session was conducted to highlight the major factors that influence the idea of writing a universally acceptable research paper. Mr. Riliwan portrayed the various steps involved in writing a manuscript. He stressed on four necessary points – Anyone irrespective of any educational background can write a manuscript, Requirement of reviewers is important, Efforts put into by the person to get his/her paper published, and lastly, the reviewers’ feedback is the deciding factor. Additionally, Mr. Riliwan even spoke about some of his efforts and experiences in writing and getting his paper published.

Main Topics Covered Under The Webinar:-

  • Introduction
    • – Short tips on writing the introduction part of a manuscript.
  • Why do we write and publish research papers
    • – to advance researchers academic careers
    • – to measure academic productivity needed for the promotion
    • – to disseminate research findings
    • – to compete for funding
    • – to improve curricula and get a better position
  • Getting started
    • – Article Categorization
    • – Deciding on a research paper,
    • – Journal selection
    • – Structure of the research article
  • Article Categorizations
    • – Empirical Paper
    • – Review Article
    •  – Commentary Article
    • – Conceptual Article
  • Deciding on Research Topic/Title
  • Journal Selection
    • – Considerable factors in journal selection publisher, listed in the database, journals impact factor, researchers life cycle                                 
    • – Checking Legitimacy of a journal
  • Structure of Research Article
    • IRMAD approach – Introduction, Review, Methods, Analysis, Discussion
      1. Review Section in details
      2. Academic Integrity Violation
      3. Classical Structure of the Discussion
  • Reviewers Checklist and Feedback
  • Other important sections
    • – Abstract, References, and Citations, Pictorial Presentation, figures and graphs, tables, summary opinion, reference section

“Research – The distance between an idea and its realization”         ~ David Sarnoff

Comments by the participants:-

  • It was a very good session thank you“- Himabindu A. G.
  • Very useful and informative“- P. F. Mishel
  • Explanation, as well as Presentation, was nice“- Sabarinath.I
  • Everything is good enough. Thank you so much.”- Abdul Karim Gazi
  • Nice Webinar. Thank you Ryan Publishers For Conducting this“- AKSHAY ANTONY T
  • A very good session about publishing an article.”- Muhammad Rameez Khan
  • It was really a nice session.”- SOORYAPRABHA MR
  • Really good, and informative interaction“- Anjali Rana
  • The webinar was conducted in a good manner“- V. Vidya

  • The session was useful and thanks for organizing this session.”- P. Meenaloshini
  • Nice one webinar learned a lot“- R.G.LOKESHVAR
  • It is very useful for us and also knowledgeable.“- S.keerthana
  • Highly recommended sessions“- Dr.M.Vijayasanthi
  • Very informative session on the article writing. Kindly organize a webinar on high impact factor journals in various fields and to provide their links.“- Muhammad Suleman Nasir
  • Need to know more about these contemporary issues. Looking forward to another of this kind.“- Suroshree Mukherjee