Advances in Material Physics

A One-day international webinar was organized on 23 January, 2021 at 11 AM by Ryan Publishers on the topic, “Advances in Material Physics” presented by the resource person, Dr. Alla Srivani.

Dr.Alla Srivani , is currently an Associate professor in the department of Science and Humanities, Physics at VVIT, Andra Pradesh. Our resource person has completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Material Physics and has obtained her Doctor of Science in two consecutive years in two different universities in the area of Material Science. Coming to her work experience, Dr. Srivani has started in the year 2004 and since then has rendered continuous service in various designations across various colleges and universities. She has around 16 years of academic experience and is still going.

Our resource person is a proud recipient of 12 awards, of which a few notable awards are: Best researcher award, Best Woman Scientist Award, Best Educationalist Award and so on. Focussing on the area of research publications, Dr. Srivani has presented around 23 papers in National and International Journals.

Consolidating her dedication towards her career, our resource person maintains a record of having done 31 conference presentations, 114 educational courses and 120 webinars.

The session started with the resource person discussing about the objectives of material physics. Then the elements in materials from origin to advanced was discussed. Then she discussed about the Wide bandgap and its properties. As the session continued, topics like: polarizability, refractive index, absorption coefficient, energy gap and so on was discussed.

The session ended with the participants clarifying their queries and the recording of the meeting was posted own the YouTube channel under the link:

Comments from Participants :

  • Excellent , Informative and Systematic Webinar..Thanks –MR ELCIN K GEORGE
  • I’m very happy to join this event and I hope the organizers conduct this type of event in future. Thanks 💐🙏 – Dr. SAURABH KUMAR TIWARI
  • This webinar is very Informative and meaningfull session. Organisations and organisers are very excellent presentation. – Mrs parimita Nayak
  • The session was excellent and highly informative.Thanks to all the organizers of this session.I am expecting more such webinars from your side.Thank you… – Mr. AGNIVESH J S
  • Very informative, insightful, enthusiastic, and Inspirational session. Thanks to the Organizer Team for organizing this webinar – Mr. SHAIKH NAZRUL