Navigating The Macroeconomic Dimensions Of Indian Inclusive Growth Framework

The Webinar and The Resource person:-

A one-day national webinar was held on the 19th of September, 2020 on the Topic, “Navigating The Macroeconomic Dimensions Of Indian Inclusive Growth Framework”. The resource person invited for this event, Dr.Priyanka Murria, is a highly talented academic professional and her areas of specialization are Economics And General Management. Dr.Priyanka has obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from Punjab School of Economics under Guru Nanak Dev University in the year 2014 and has qualified UGC-NET (Management) in the year 2008. She holds a Masters in Business Economics and a P.G.D.B.M from New Delhi Institute of Management. She has cleared her CA-Inter from ICAI in the year 2006. Currently working as an Associate Professor of Economics at the Institute of Innovation in Technology and Management, Janakpuri Institutional Area, New Delhi. She has authored books and numerous research papers, published in both national and international journals.

Topics covered in this session:-

  • Conceptual Framework
    • Source
    • Definition of Inclusive growth
    • Variables defining Inclusiveness
  • Indian Inclusive Growth Paradigm
    • Social opportunity function
    • Promotion of employment
    • Access to Assets and opportunities
    • Low-income inequality
    • Economic growth supplemented by access to socio-economic opportunities
  • Planning Initiatives for consideration of inclusive growth in India
    • Main emphasis on each five-year plans
  • Macroeconomic indicators of inclusive growth
  • Global Hunger Index – Global Hunger Index Scores by Rank
  • Inequality Indices
  • Ways ahead
    • Proper taxation policies
    • Review of policy on agriculture and labor-intensive industries
    • Education for all
    • Increased public expenditure on health
    • Creation of equal opportunities

“The curious mind embraces science: the gifted and sensitive, the arts; the practical, business; the leftover becomes an economist” ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Comments from the Participants:-

  • “Very nice and impressive presentation as well as Dr Priyanka mam explanation”- ANURAG AHUJA
  • “Looking forward to attending more lectures like this.”– Govind Ram
  • “It was a nice experience.”– Rakesh Gandhi
  • “The way of presenting by the speaker was excellent.”- Ritu Negi
  • “The webinar is really wonderful. I am glad to attend the webinar. This is really an excellent experience to know about many things about the growth rate of our country.”– Prashant Chandra Roy
  • “It was great and knowledgeable webinar”– Saransh Dhamija
  • “We got a very good experience and we also got to learn a lot.”– Saurabh Sharma
  • “Hope to attend the same program in future”– Dr. Akash Jain
  • “It was a new type of webinar n it was good.”– Ritwick
  • “Its a very good and interactive webinar”– Shivani Rani
  • “Overall session was excellent”– Amit Gadewal