Work from home: Will it lead to new working norms?

Minutes of the meeting :

A one day National Webinar was conducted on the topic, “Work from Home: Will it lead to new working norms?” It was organized on 12/12/2020 from 5 to 6 PM, by Ryan Publishers. The program started with the welcoming of the resource person, Dr. Binu Singh. The resource person, a highly qualified academician had obtained her Master of Philosophy and her PhD in Sociology in the year 2009 from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She has used her skills and knowledge to provide expertise in Sociology of information technology. She has written several scholarly articles and has also published books in the related fields.

Dr. Binu Singh spoke about the new normal that arose as a result of the pandemic and the reasons as of why the change is happening. She also spoke about the new working norms adopted by companies like TCS and the work from home policies. The effect on mental health and health hazards caused by continuous use of electronics were also highlighted in the session. Dr. Binu Singh concluded the session explaining the arising opportunities and the better future.

The session was brought to a close with discussions and doubt clarifications with the participants. The program was well-received by the participants and the session was posted in YouTube under the link,

Comments from Participants :

  • I was able to know about both the positive and negative sides of work from home. Thank you Ryan publishers for organizing this wonderful session – MISHEL P.F
  • It was a good experience and makes us learn more and new perspective and also wanted to appreciate such an effort – Shrusti balaji patel
  • Informative session mam. Thank you so much – P. Meenaloshini
  • Very nice presentation and very informative session – Keerthi A P
  • Expecting more webinars – R.VENUGOPAL