Pristine Epical Skincare

The Webinar and the Resource Person

A one-day international webinar was held on the topic “Pristine Epical Skincare” on the 7th of November, 2020. It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Sebastina Pavithra as the resource person for this event. She is the proud founder of Purple Earth DIY, dealing in handmade soap crafting. Mrs. Sebastina has been actively investing her time, interest, and passion for crafting traditional soaps, body butter, pain salves, balms, and allied products. The session conducted was creative, interesting, and engaging. Our resource person demonstrated the benefits of using traditional beauty products and pointed out the various processes involved in soap making. There was a quick video on the Purple earth clients, expressing their satisfaction along with the benefits derived from using the handmade traditional beauty products. The session concluded with a short interaction between the resource person and the participants .

Key points discussed

  • A video on the evolution of Soap
  • A short discussion on the ingredients that went into the preparation of natural beauty products during ancient times
  • Saponification
  • How handmade soap is made
  • Syndet bars
  • Commercial full-boiled Soap manufacture process – Flow diagram
  • Comparison between commercial soaps and handmade soaps
  • Role of pH in soap making
  • Major chemicals used in commercial soap making and their harmful consequences on human health discussed
  • Syndet shampoo bar
  • Baby Bastille soap
  • A short video on handmade traditional soap making
  • How to choose the right soap for your skin based on the skin type
  • Wow, DIY stuff- Body butter, Pain salves/ Pain balms, Lip balm tints, Reflexology Foot, Body Cream.

Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants. ~ William Osler

Comments from Participants:

  • Nice presentation Madam 🙏-RAMBABU
  • Thanks to organizing team for conducting this great session – Ms.N.GEETHA
  • Nice session and very good information about natural hand made soaps – Keerthi A P
  • Excellent and useful session – Dr. Amar Nath Singh
  • It was very informative. Thank you purple earth – Anitha

Recordings of the webinar: