Communicative Skills

Minutes of the Meeting (26/04/2021)

Dr. V Kumar is currently a health psychologist. He has various educational and professional qualifications. Our resource person has also been a consultant psychologist and has also has corporate training experiences. Dr. G.V Kumar has been an active social activist and has also conducted professional training workshops. He has received awards like: Lifetime achievement award, training excellence award and has also been certified as a corporate trainer.

The session started with the resource person explaining about what communication is and why is communication important. The process and purpose of communication was sorted and explained why communication is necessary. The major purpose of communication and the importance of communication in organizations was explained. The communication model and the types of communication was pointed out.

The session ended with the participants clarifying their queries and the recording of the meeting was posted own the YouTube channel under the link:

Comments from Participants :

  • Very good and excellent webinar and thanks to all – JAGADISH PATRA
  • Knowledgeable and Wonderful Session – Mr. Akshay Rana
  • Very informative, valuable and excellent session – Mr.Chandramouli Ekambaram
  • Excellent well commend session – Hitesh Kumar Sharma
  • Very informative session – Dr Naheed Vaida