Personality Development

Ryan Publishers organized a Three-Day Online Course on the Topic “Personality Development” from 21st to 23rd August 2020. The resource person was Mrs. Livia P.V., M.A. (Eng), MEd, SET, NET, DSM, Teacher Educator, and Soft Skill Trainer. She has acted as CBSE Master Trainer across India. The course was available in Google Classroom and the Classroom Code was provided to the registered candidates on 20th August 2020. The program was responded well by the participants and nearly 150 candidates were registered. The list of participants contained Principal, Faculties and students from various institutes of India.

YouTube link of invitation:

YouTube Link of the course modules :-

Some of our participants comments about the course:-

  • Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I would like to thank Ryan publishers and the resource person who taught us for three days continuously. It’s really a  great idea in this pandemic to learn through online. And I m looking forward to have such a amazing course in the future. Once again thank you so much to Ryan publishers and its team“- Keerthana S
  • Thanks for your class and it’s helpful for our future“-Aswathy A
  • It’s an excellent class.Through this class I got to know how to behave in front of someone. Thanks for such an excellent class“-Philomina Preshilla K.X.
  • It was an excellent class. Thank u to Ryan publisher for the wonderful class“- Renu Raju
  • This course is very valuable for our future..I surely believe that after attending this 3 day course and by practicing every day we can truley experience the change in personality“- Anjana PT
  • Got to learn few new tips and ideas which will definitely change my approach towards my work and staffs“- Rakesh Kutty
  • Thank-you Miss Livia ma’am and Ryan Publishers for giving such a wonderful opportunity for conducting the personality development session. It gives our self confidence and self-esteem. Expect more such interesting online course. Thanks” -Rajalekshmi Jayakumar
  • Have received a positive outcome during these 3 day courses for me personally. Thank You very much Livia Ma’am and Ryan Publishers for this course! Would really love to have more of these courses! Thank you so much Livia Ma’am and Ryan Publishers for this really positive and a lovely course! This three day course has definitely helped me. Again Thank you very much“- Parvathy Menon

  • Thanks for the initiative“- Vidya Monoi
  • It was a wonderful class and I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this personality development class. It was excellent class by the resource person👏👏👏👍thank you”- Mary Priyanka T J
  • I found this course really helpfull. One of the most enjoyable and informative course for 3 days have ever attended . Thank you for organizing and very special thanks to the speaker 👍“- Athira Asokan
  • It was a nice class for developing our personality.Thank u for giving such a super class” -Sneha V J
  • Thank you Ryan publishers for the wonderful session“- Jincy Jacob
  • It was an excellent programme conducted.thanks for conducting such an amazing program“- Sandra K B
  • The information was usefull and helpful and I come to know about many new thing. Thanks to all“-Richa Prashant Chhajed