Webinar on Writing Synopsis for Thesis and Dissertation

A one-day National Webinar was conducted on the topic, “Writing Synopsis for Thesis and Dissertation”. It was organized on 19/12/2020 from 5 to 6 PM, by Ryan Publishers. The program started with the welcoming of the resource person, Dr. Benu Prasad.

The resource person, a highly qualified academician had obtained his PhD from SVN university, Madhya Pradesh. He had conducted various training and workshops and has also presented various international papers. His latest paper was on the topic, Eastern Culture and Education. The resource person exhibits keen levels of interest in volunteering for social and humanitarian work. Dr. Benu Prasad has been honored with various awards and recently he has been awarded with the “Global Teacher of the Year – 2020” from Eudoxia Gohat, Assam, India. His involvement and experience evolve across hierarchies and he’s also the principal of Nepal Dayanandha Vedic Mission Global Academy.

Dr. Benu Prasad started the session explaining the differences between a thesis and a research paper. He explained the main three questions for writing a synopsis. Then he started explaining the steps that should be followed while writing a thesis and dissertation. The resource person enlightened the audience by clearly explaining the details and instructions that should be considered from the introduction to the references. The session ended with the participants clearing their queries with the resource person.

The session was recorded and was posted through the link: https://youtu.be/J9_2uu3rsUA

Comments from Participants :

  • It was overall amazing, let’s hope to have these kind of webinars in future as well – Shah Mehreen Peerzada
  • Very wonderful and excellent session – Dr. A. Doss
  • Thanks for organizing this webinar – Arpitha. YP
  • Excellent Webinar – Dr.M.Neela
  • It was very educative – Dr. Aditya Gadewal