The Need For Biologists and Biotechnologists In Society: An Agriculture Perspective

About the Webinar
A young scientist international webinar, titled “The Need for Biologists and Biotechnologists in Society: An Agriculture Perspective” was conducted on the 10th of October, 2020. It was a pleasure to have Dr. Deepak Haarith (Postdoctoral Research Associate @ Bent Lab – Plan Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) as our resource person. The presentation slides were attractive and informative. Dr. Deepak found it relevant to focus on the practicality of the topic under discussion. He focused on the priorities of choosing biology/biotechnology as a promising career and stressed on the requirement of passion in whatever we take up as our career. He cited several possibilities on why students hesitate to take up biology and allied studies. Lastly, he gave us an insight into how agriculture can be affected by biotechnology. And it was good to witness the participants trying to be more interactive with our resource person.

Key points discussed

o Why not biology/biotechnology?
o The various reasons why people shy away from biology
o When we think of careers in biology
o The truth is – education not always evaluated by a degree
o The most important ingredient is passion – Peace, Love, Biology
o Common issues – I love biology and I hate maths, I love biology but a BSc degree?
o Science wants to know more than exploit
o Engineering and technology use science to create new technology
o Plant-microbe interactions – old and significant
o Preventing losses is as important as earning profit
o Issue of trademarks and patents
o What do we do? Get involved – bring about the change you want to see – you are powerful
o Canonical careers
o Expanding horizons – branching out to conquer

Feeding the world will be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. It will be impossible without using scientific advancements and biotechnology ~ Mike Pompeo.

Comments from Participants :

  • The session was very useful and thought-provoking and I thank Ryan Publishers for organizing this wonderful session.
  • It was an useful session and the explanation was really nice. Thank you for organizing this webinar.
  • Was an excellent presentation. More useful for students. Kindly share the slides of Dr.Deepak. Thanks Ryan publishers.
  • Nicely shared and represented the current scenario on agriculture prospective.
  • It was an excellent session. very informative too. thank u for ur great effort.
  • It was an useful session and the explanation was really nice. Thank you for organizing this webinar.
  • Very useful and distinguish between science and technology.