A Beginner’s Guide to Clinical Biochemistry

Dr. Wethroe Kapfo

About the Book

Everybody, from infant to elderly, has undergone routine clinical analysis wherein the subject’s urine/ and blood is usually collected for biochemical testing, unless another specialized analysis is required wherein body fluids like cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, saliva, etc. or body tissue called biopsy is also collected and tested. This branch of science which deals with the biochemical analysis of such body fluids/ tissues is called clinical biochemistry, based on which the medical practitioners make a diagnosis. The intention of the book is to introduce and train students of all streams of basic science, medicine, and paramedical courses, the fundamentals of clinical biochemistry. In addition, the book also attempts to make the concepts comprehensible to the layperson so as to guide them in understanding their routine clinical diagnostic laboratory test results, further enabling a more fruitful discussion with their doctors.

List of Contributors

1. Introduction to Clinical BiochemistryDr. Wethroe Kapfo
2. Urine analysisDr. Gulnaz AR
3. Clinical HematologyDr. Anitha SR
4. Diagnostic EnzymesSmt. Pallavi MR
5. Inborn Errors in MetabolismDr. Shobha N
6. Lifestyle Disorders: DM & CVDSmt. Shruthi G
7. Addiction-Related DiseasesDr. Shobha N