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List of books in progress

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Clinical BiochemistryChief Editor
Dr. Wethroe Kapfo
Dr. Wethroe Kapfo
Dr. Gulnaz A.R.
Dr. Anitha S.R.
Smt. Pallavi M.R.
Dr. Shobha N.
Smt. Shruthi G.
2. Fundamentals of BotanyDr. P. F. Steffi Bipin
Ms. P.F. Mishel
3. A Textbook on Materials ScienceChief Editor
Dr. N. Jabena Begum
DR. R. Vadamalar,
DR. S. Geetha,
DR. A. Gomathiyalini,
DR. P. Sathish,
DR. P. Ravikumar
4. Tamil Illakiyathil Arivial SinthanaigalChief Editor
Dr. N. Jabena Begum
Dr. R. Chandramohan,
Dr. S. Natarajan,
Dr. G. Sujatha,
Dr. G. Shanthi,
Dr. S. Thamaraiselvi,
Dr. S. Sasikala
5. Income TaxLaw and PracticeChief Editor
Mrs. K. J. Philomenal
Mrs. K.J Philomenal,
Mr. Chandanraj S.M.,
Mrs. Bindu V.,                   
Mr. Jaismon Jacob